File a Claim

Before You Begin

The following steps will guide you through the File a Claim process. By California statue, Section 17550.47, your claim must meet the following criteria:

  1. The seller of travel you have a claim against must have been a participant in the Travel Consumer Restitution Corporations (TCRC) Fund at the time of sale, and the seller of travel must have been registered with the State of California, Seller of Travel Program.
  2. Your loss must have been more than $50.00.
  3. Your claim must be filed within one year after the scheduled date of completion of travel.

If you paid any part of your claim with a credit card, TCRC requires that you submit proof that you have requested a charge back for all payments made from the financial institution(s). Please refer to our Consumer Questions page in the section titled "How else can I protect against loss of my travel payment". When you complete your claim, you will need to provide (i.e. upload online) or mail in supporting documentation for your claim.

There is a claim processing fee of $35 which is refundable if your claim is granted or if the seller of travel against whom the claim is made was not a participant in the TCRC program at the time of sale. Pay online when you file with either a Visa or Mastercard, or mail your check for $35 to:

Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation
468 Manzanita Ave, Suite 1
Chico, CA 95926

If you have any questions, please call (530) 809-4220.

Start Filing a Claim

Special Notice to Consumers Affected by Cruise Line Closures & Reorganizations

The Seller of Travel Law provides that the only losses recoverable through the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund are those incurred in a transaction with a registered seller of travel that is also a TCRC participant. Ocean carriers, however, are not sellers of travel as defined by Business and Professions Code section 17550.1.

For more information on filing a claim against an ocean carrier, please visit the Federal Maritime Commission’s website: