Become a TCRC Participant

You must first register and pay with the TCRC here before registering with SOT. Your registration with TCRC does not constitute registration with the State of California, Seller of Travel Program.

  1. Create Your User Account

    Create your user account with your name, email and password

  2. Register Your Business

    Enter your business information, locations, and payment method. Once completed, you will have access to your site to manage your profile, payments, business info, and board member voting.

  3. Payment & Verification

    Get your TCRC ID

  4. Register With SOT

    After you have successfully registered and paid with the TCRC, please navigate to to register with SOT.

Create User Account

STOP! Who Must Register and Participate in the TCRC Fund:

  • Any seller of travel who does business with persons located in California and whose principal place of business is in California; OR
  • Any seller of travel who does business with persons located in California, from at least one location in California, and who is an issuer or subsidiary of an issuer of securities that are listed on a national securities exchange or designated as a national market system security.
  • Independent Agents working through a Host Agency must refer to BPC 17550.20 (g) for eligibility requirements of registration.
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